28. Januar 2008

Discoverer Worksheet umkopieren

Hier ein älterer Tip um ein Discoverer Worksheet aus seinem Workbook in ein anderes Workbook um zu packen bzw. zu kopieren.
Auf den ersten Blick kann das der Discoverer (Plus) nicht. Die Lösung führt über die Desktop Version des Discoverers ! (Gut wenn man die den auch installiert hat ....)

To copy or move worksheets between workbooks, use the following workflow:

Launch Desktop
Open the two workbooks that you want to manipulate
From the menu bar, select Window | Tile Horizontally. Discoverer places the workbooks one above the other with the first opened workbook at the top, and the last opened workbook at the bottom.
To initiate the copy process, press and hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard. To initiate the move process, press and hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard.
NOTE: You cannot move a worksheet if it is the only worksheet in the workbook.
Holding down either the CTRL or SHIFT key, left click on the name tab of the worksheet that you want to copy or move and hold the mouse key down. You can now release the CTRL or SHIFT key.
NOTE: Make sure you keep holding the mouse key down after you release the CTRL or SHIFT key
Drag the worksheet out of its current workbook and into the second workbook but do not release the mouse key until you have placed the worksheet alongside or on top of one of the worksheet names in the receiving workbook. Only release the mouse key when you see a small arrow appear above the worksheet name.
NOTE: Be very careful to make sure you place the worksheet correctly before you release the mouse key. If you release the mouse key before you have placed the worksheet in position, Discoverer creates a new workbook and places the worksheet in that workbook.
Discoverer now copies or moves the worksheet into the second workbook
NOTE: You can only place the new worksheet alongside an existing worksheet when you are copying. If you are moving a worksheet you must drag it on top of one of the existing worksheets in the receiving workbook. Discoverer will reorder the worksheets automatically.
After inserting the worksheet into the new workbook, you should check the names of conditions, parameters and calculations. If the second worksheet has an identically named condition, parameter or calculation Discoverer does not share these objects. Instead Discoverer creates a second object and appends the number one to its name.
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