27. Juli 2009

Oracle kauft Golden Gate Software Inc.

Wie Oracle am 23. Juli mitgeteilt hat wurde mal wieder ein Zukauf getätigt.

Bei Golden Gate handelt es sich um eine Lösung für Echtzeit-Datenintegration in heterogenen Umgebungen. Vorteilhaft bei Migrationen, Versionswechsel oder im BI Umfeld bei 'Real-Time' Anforderungen.

Demand for improved business performance is on the rise. As a result, enterprises recognize that real-time data integration to support high availability capabilities and real-time information has become mission critical. Information systems require real-time information to be highly available and synchronized across the enterprise.

GoldenGate addresses the need for effective real-time data integration and management with the ability to capture and deliver updates of critical information as the changes occur and provide continuous synchronized data across heterogeneous environments. This results in improved business intelligence across the enterprise, with more accurate and timely analysis of real-time business performance.

GoldenGate also enables high availability and disaster tolerance with core functionality that supports real-time data integration, while preserving performance and ensuring scalability. With this capability, business-critical applications such as online banking, claims processing and online shopping continue to operate without any disruption. GoldenGate’s solutions address all types of outages as a result of upgrades, maintenance, application of patches, and application or platform migrations.
Sowie der Kauf abgeschlossen ist, wird Oracle die Lösung mit seinen bisherigen Angeboten zur Datenintegration auf Basis der Fusion Middleware verknüpfen und am Markt anbieten.
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