3. Juli 2008

Oracle SQL Developer

Es gibt ein neues Statement of Direction zum Oracle SQL Developer.
Darin findet sich der interessante Satz: "The next release of Oracle SQL Developer focuses on providing complete graphical logical and physical data modeling functionality delivered as an optional extension to SQL Developer."

Oracle schafft sich damit ein neues Datamodelling Tool, Designer Du bist endgültig tot!
Man darf gespannt sein wie gut die erste Version der Modelling Extension funktioniert.

Auch die weiteren Pläne für zukünftige Releases des SQL Developers können sich sehen lassen. Einzig was mir fehlt sind zeitliche Aussagen zu den Plänen. Infos dazu ?

Plans for the next release of Oracle SQL Developer and beyond include the following:
  • Database Data Modeling to support:
    • Designing logical Entity Relation Diagrams
    • Building physical schema designs
    • Generating and executing DDL scripts
    • Reverse and forward engineering of existing relational data structures
    • Data domain administration
    • Naming standardization
    • Model formatting (font, colors)
    • Importing data models from CA Erwin and Oracle Designer
    • Compare and merge facilities
    • Multiple database support
      • Oracle Database
      • DB2 (Mainframe & UDB)
      • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Logical and physical multi-dimensional modeling
    • Object relational Data Types
    • Spatial Modeling
    • Multi-level logical and physical design environments
    • Model validation rules
    • Offline (file based) and Repository based modeling
  • Ongoing updates to current SQL Developer functionality
    • Migration support to include DB2
    • Oracle Database 11g support
    • Tuning support
  • SQL and PL/SQL Unit Testing
    • SQL Testing
    • PL/SQL Testing
    • Repository based
    • Reporting
    • Scheduled tests
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